Inside the Washington State Governor’s Mansion, Holiday Season 2013

Our Newsmakers videos tend to be bursts of information about news of the day. Since a lot of news comes from the state capitol, we spend a lot of time in Olympia. We recently had the chance to meet with the state’s First Couple, Gov. Jay Inslee and Trudi Inslee, for segments that are almost as much about the historic mansion and our state’s history as they are about the Inslees. The couple are clearly proud of the building that they live in. In the second video, they also share some of their own holiday traditions.

This isn’t breaking news, but it’s history in the making. So we hope you enjoy these special episodes. These segments air at different times, which is why the First Couple is introduced in both episodes.

If you don’t have time to watch these, we’ll cut to the chase and tell you the two best lines in the whole set.

Host Sabrina Register: “Governor, do you have a favorite room in the mansion?”

Governor Inslee: “Oh, well, wherever Trudi is, of course.” Smart man!

Watch the video to learn about his other favorite room.


This video is a bit more personal, and shows some of the holiday decorations at the mansion. Gov. Inslee also talks about his own family’s holiday traditions and holiday ornaments with pictures of the family.

Big thanks to the Inslees for their time, and big thanks to Sabrina Register and our video manager, Ed Hauge, for bringing these segments to us.

By the way, you too can visit history: the mansion is open for tours and is well worth a visit: more information here. 

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